Unity extends 2D offering with Free Anima2D plugin

Unity announced at the beginning of December 2016 that the comprehensive 2D animation plugin, Anima2D will be available for all versions of Unity, for free, soon. They have just announced it is available as of now!

They also said in the same blog post that the developer of Anima2D, Sergi Valls will be joining the Unity 2D team. This is likely a sign that the features of Anima2D, or something very akin to them, will probably turn up as an integrated part of a future version of Unity.

The post went on to say “We’re committed to the goal of democratizing development and Anima2D will be an important part of improving our toolset and workflow for developers who are focused on the 2D space. Anima2D’s unique approach to 2D animation and 2D character tools combined with Sergi’s experience will be a pivotal part of this effort.”

The current features of Anima2D include:

  • 2D Bones
  • Sprite to mesh conversion
  • SpriteMesh Editor
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Save / Load Poses
  • Atlas compatible
  • Create Avatar Masks

Arguably, even before this anouncement, Unity had positioned itself as a key player for 2D game creation engine. This adds further valuable features to further solidify this position.

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